Agriculture is the leading sector in the Kenyan economy, accounting for about 25% of the gross domestic product (GDP), 60% of total export earnings from horticulture, floriculture, tea and coffee.

Kenya produces the highest quality coffee beans in the world. Kenya also produces the best quality tea, horticultural crops, nuts, (cashew nuts and macadamia), pyrethrum, wheat, barley, tropical fruits (mangoes, papaya, pineapples, passion, bananas, coconuts, oranges, lemons, tangerines, guavas) and oil crops. Additionally, the country produces high quality range beef, hides and skins/ leather, dairy products and fisheries.

On food safety, Kenya has in place rigorous rules and regulations that guarantee quality and safety in line with international standards.  The Kenya Bureau of Standards, a member of the International Organization of Standards ensures compliance. Kindly visit their site http://www.kebs.org

For more information on agriculture in Kenya, please visit the following agriculture based websites in Kenya.

  1. Coffee Directorate http://coffee.agricultureauthority.go.ke
  2. Tea Directorate http://www.teaboard.or.ke
  3. Kenya Flower Council http://www.kenyaflowercouncil.org
  4. Pyrethrum Board of Kenya  http://www.kenya-pyrethrum.com
  5. New Kenya Cooperative Creameries http://www.newkcc.co.ke
  6. Kenya Nut Company (Cashew nuts and Macadamia nuts) http://www.kenyanut.com
  7. Kenya Meat Commission http://www.kenyameat.co.ke
  8. Kenya Sugar Board http://www.kenyasugar.co.ke


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