On 10th December, 2016, the Mission held the 53rd Jamhuri Day for the Kenyan Diaspora in Italy at the 704 Ristorante via Del Mare, Rome.


Ms. Harriet M. Nduma, Charge D’Affaires, a.i. with Mr. Fabian Muya, Agriculture Attaché patiently waiting for compatriots to take seats prior to the Diaspora 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations


Master of Ceremony - Ms. Hellen Were/Immigration Attaché, making introductory remarks at the function

Charge D’Affaires a.i. addressing a well attended function by the Diaspora to commemorate the 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations


Charge D’Affaires a.i. addressing Kenyans

A light moment with the Diaspora

Charge D’Affaires a.i. at the Diaspora 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations


The Charge' D'Affaires a.i. with Immigration Attaché take questions during Q&A session.

Sampling the Kenyan cuisine by the Diaspora

Kenyans all smiles for the mouth-watering dishes


Guidelines for importation of duty free vehicles by Kenyan residents returning from countries that operate left hand drive vehicles.  (Click here to download)


The Government acknowledges the importance of Kenyan Diaspora in Nation building and has developed the Kenya Diaspora Policy to facilitate the Kenyans abroad to contribute positively to the growth of the Kenyan Economy. (Click to view Policy.)


Register and interact with the Diaspora web-portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya http://diasporaportal.eurocom.co.ke


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