September, 2017: This is to notify the Kenyan Diaspora that the Department of Immigration Services has rolled out issuance of the e-Passport with effect from  1 September, 2017.

Holders of valid current passports will be allowed to use them for the next 2 years (i.e. 31 August 2019) after which they will be rendered invalid.

Applicants who wish to be issued an e-Passport will be required to make an application online on the e-citizen platform www.ecitizen.go.ke and present themselves to the Accredited Immigration Passport Processing Centers for profiling and biometrics capture.


The Embassy of Kenya Rome has not yet been accredited to issue e-Passports. Applicants who make an application through the Embassy will continue applying through the Form 19 and be issued the normal passport. All passport applications will be forwarded to Nairobi for further processing and issuance.

Kenyan Driving License

Kenyan Driving License

Kenyan driving licenses may only be renewed and verified by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, who is the issuing authority and can be contacted at the following address:


Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Department of Road Transport

PO Box 30440-00100 Nairobi,

Kenya Tel: +254-20-310900

Website: www.kra.go.ke


Kenyans who are in the possession of a valid Kenyan driving licence may use it for a period of up to one year as long as the licence has been translated and authenticated by the Prefettura. After living in Italy for one year one MUST obtain an Italian driving licence to be able to drive. This involves taking both the theoretical and practical driving test in a Italian driving examination centre.

Requirements and Application for a Film Licence

Requirements and Application for a Film Licence
The Department of Film Services (DFS) of Kenya licenses all local and foreign crews undertaking filming in the country. In order to obtain a license, one copy of the script and a story synopsis must be sent to the Film Licensing officer. For documentaries the licenses are issued within minutes of application and for feature films and dramas within two days of application.

All applications for licenses to film in Kenya should be addressed to:

The Film Licensing Officer
Department of Film Services,
Ministry of Information and Communications,
P. O. Box 74934 - 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 254-20-650501/650120/1/2/3,
Fax: 254-20-553003/553849
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Local Filming Agents
1) Private production companies or individuals are requested to submit their applications through a local agent registered with the Ministry. This requirement is mandatory for all applications to make feature films or documentaries.
2) Government agencies may submit their applications through the local agents or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There are no restrictions in Kenya on how many expatriate crew members or artists can arrive per production. Advance notice is more of a courtesy than a requirement. Crew members and artists may arrive in Kenya on a visitor's pass prior to the film work permit being processed. 

Film License Form 
The Ministry would like to inform all foreign production companies that Kenya has a considerable number of experienced technical staff in filming techniques. We therefore recommend that producers should reserve as many places as possible for local crew.

For further information, please visit this link: www.kenyafilmcommission. com
Click to download an application form  for a licence to film in Kenya





Kenya Citizenship - Article 14(1), (2) And (5) of the Constitution 

The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011 which implements Chapter 3 of the Constitution commenced on 30th August 2011 and effectively repealed the Kenya Citizenship Act Cap 170, The Immigration Act Cap. 172 and the Aliens Restriction Act Cap 173, Law of Kenya. 

Below is a clarification of Constitutional Provisions relating to Citizenship

  1. A person born of a Kenyan parent irrespective of the place of birth automatically becomes a citizen of Kenya by birth. 
  2. The constitution confers automatic recognition to persons holding citizenship of other countries as citizens of Kenya by birth so long as they are able to prove parentage as fore stated (National identification cards, passports). 
  3. Kenya citizens by birth who wish to hold citizenship of other countries which do not allow dual citizenship may voluntary renounce and would be entitled upon application to regain their Kenyan citizenship. 
  4. Kenya citizens by birth who ceased to be citizens of Kenya by voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of other countries and renouncing the citizenship of Kenya in accordance with the repealed Constitution may regain citizenship UPON APPLICATION in the prescribed manner below. 
  5. The persons who enjoyed dual citizenship but who by virtue of the repealed Constitution renounced or lost their Kenyan citizenship upon attainment of the age of Twenty Three (23) years should automatically be deemed citizenship by birth. 


A citizen by birth who acquired citizenship of another country, and renounced the Kenyan citizenship may apply to regain citizenship. For more information on the application procedure visit the Kenya Department of Immigration Services Website


A dual citizen is required to disclose her/his other citizenship within three months of becoming a dual citizen


  1. Declaration form duly completed Form 2
  2. Copy of valid Kenyan Passport.
  3. Copy of valid Kenyan National I.D and / or Kenyan Birth Certificate.
  4. Original Naturalization Certificate of the other country
  5. Copy of Italian passport if any
  6. One passport size picture. (NB: Most current picture taken maximum within the last one month.)




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