Kenya is the gateway to Eastern and Central Africa regions. Her developed infrastructure and membership in the East African Community (EAC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) make Kenya the ultimate trade and investment destination.

The country’s strategic location provides easy access to the EAC market with about 140 million people and COMESA with a population of 400 million.

Kenya has undertaken business reforms and this has led to her significant advancement in ease of doing business. Business start-ups have been streamlined while the time and costs of securing permits reduced tremendously.

Kenya has a development program espoused in the Vision 2030. In this respect, policies as well as investment opportunities have been aligned accordingly to the Vision 2030 objectives.

In order to encourage investment in the manufacturing sector, Kenya has put in place incentives such as investment allowance of 60% countrywide in manufacturing and hotel, and 100% for Manufacturing Under Bond; offsetting of losses by future taxable profits; remissions from capital goods; and export promotion programs like Export Processing Zones (EPZ) .

Kenya has a wide range of mineral deposits and this has led to significant growth over the years. The country is rich in oil, coal, soda ash, fluorspar, gemstones, carbon dioxide, iron ore, rare earth minerals, base metals and gold.

Her main exports are tea, horticultural products, coffee, cut flowers, petroleum products and fish.

Energy has been identified as one of the infrastructural enablers of the three pillars of Kenya’s Vision 2030, with an expected surge in energy use within the commercial sector. As a result, the government has formulated a power development strategy to exploit renewable resources available to her such as hydropower, geothermal, biomass, solar and wind energy. The government has undertaken legislative reforms sector to attract more investment in the growing sector.

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