What is the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA)?

  • Kenya eTA is a semi-automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to Kenya. An eTA offers permission to travel and is authorised by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.
  • An eTA does not determine whether a traveller is admissible to enter Kenya. Immigration officers will determine admissibility upon travellers’ arrival.
  • The eTA application collects biographic information and answers to eligibility questions from the traveller.
  • eTA applications should be submitted at least 3 days prior to travel to ensure adequate time for authorisation.
  • Each eligible traveller is required to apply for an eTA before starting travel.

Exempted Persons

The following persons are exempted from the requirement of applying for eTA:

  • Kenya citizens
  • Kenya residents holding permanent resident certificate, valid work permit, valid passes which MUST be endorsed on the passport.
  • Persons holding previously issued e-visas, including EATV issued by EATV member countries are also exempt from the requirement of applying for eTA.
  • Persons holding valid UN Convention Travel Document issued by the Government of Kenya.
  • Passengers transiting through Kenya and who will not leave the precincts of the airport, sea port or land border.
  • Members of crew of ship, vessel, aircraft, bus, vehicle, train or carrier whose particulars are listed in the carrier crew manifest and who is proceeding on the carrier to a destination outside Kenya.

Gratis eTA

Official/Diplomatic Passport or Laissez-Passer holders traveling to Kenya on official duties are exempted to pay fees to apply eTA.

Nationals of the following countries are exempted from paying Electronic Travel Authorization eTA fees after submitting their eTA applications through the digital platform with effect from 15th February 2024: –

  1. Union of Comoros
  2. The Republic of Congo, (Brazaville)
  3. Eritrea
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Mozambique
  6. San Marino
  7. South Africa

Mandatory application for eTA

The eTA is mandatory for all foreign visitors except for citizens of EAC Member States that want to travel to Kenya. The EAC Member States include: The Republic of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Republic of Rwanda, the Republic of South Sudan, the Republic of Uganda, and the United Republic of Tanzania.

eTA Validity before Entry

Once an eTA is issued, the visitor MUST enter Kenya within 90 days from the date of issue. If the visitor does not enter within 90 days, the eTA issued becomes invalid.


All foreign visitors must apply for an eTA. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for filling in the application. We highly recommend that families apply as a group.

Requirements and Documentation

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport picture OR a selfie picture taken during application process
  • Contact details (home address, telephone, email)
  • Travel information and flight itinerary (arrival flight number, date of departure of initial flight in case of connecting flights)
  • Proof of booking for the hotel you will be staying at (if staying with friends, a letter of invitation is accepted)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate if coming from endemic countries (please check the WHO website for the updated list of countries)
  • Credit/Debit card for payment.


Based on your purpose of visit the following may also be required:

  • Letter and/or appointment letter from the referring doctor/hospital
  • Conference invitation/participation letter
  • Employment contract
  • Supporting documents for resettlement
  • Vaccination(s) or test results certificates

For travellers arriving for business

  • Invitation letter from company
  • Copy of registration of the company

For travellers visiting family

  • Invitation letter from family/host
  • Identity card/Passport/Alien card/Entry permit of the family member/host

For Diplomatic travel

  • A Diplomatic, Official and Service passport
  • An official letter from the Country of Origin/Organisation/ Foreign Affairs

Benefits of Kenya eTA system

Kenya eTA will improve arrival processes into the Republic of Kenya by reducing the queues on arrival for health, customs, and immigration inspections.

Determination of Entry and stay in Kenya

The possession of an eTA does not guarantee entry to Kenya, the determination of entry/admissibility and stay in Kenya will be made by the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

Duration of stay

The Immigration Officer will issue a Visitor’s Pass indicating the duration of validity of the eTA which may be extended for up to 90 days. It is obligatory to present a valid eTA during the check-in and boarding process.

Extension of eTA validity

  • If a visitor to Kenya wishes to extend the period of stay beyond that given on entry, they are advised to make an application for extension at the nearest Immigration Offices.
  • The maximum period that the Visitor’s pass can be extended is up to 90 days in the first instance and a further period of 90 days. The period of validity may not be extended beyond 180 days.

Multiple Entry

If you expect to travel to Kenya regularly or have multiple trips planned, we highly encourage you to download the “Kenya Travel Authorisation” mobile app that will be made available in January. You will be able to securely save your travel documents and profile on your phone which can be reused for future travel.


eTA is valid for a single entry to Kenya. However, the eTA remains valid for more than one entry in case of temporary departure/entry to one or more EAC Partner States: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. A visit to a country outside this block renders re-entry to Kenya subject to a new eTA.

How to Apply for eTA

  1. Visit www.etakenya.go.ke
  2. Click “Apply Now” and follow the instructions
  3. Make sure that all the data has been entered correctly
  4. Submit the application
  5. An email confirming receipt of your application will be sent to you
  6. An email confirming receipt of payment, if applicable, will be sent to you
  7. Upon decision by Immigration officer, an email confirming Approval / Refusal will be sent to you.
  8. If your application is approved, please either print the PDF document attached to the email, OR download the document to your mobile device OR save it in the “Kenya Travel Authorisation” mobile app.

Payment for eTA

  • A valid credit or debit card is required to pay and complete the transaction. In case the payment fails, please wait a few minutes and try again, or check to make sure you have sufficient funds on the means of payment.
  • Cheques and cash are not accepted

Processing time for eTA

  • Processing time will vary depending on the type of eTA and your country of citizenship.
  • Standard processing time is three (3) working days.

Checking status of eTA application

You can check the status of your application any time by visiting the following URL: https://www.etakenya.go.ke

Beware of online Fraud

  • Please be careful of websites imitating the official eTA website and ensure that you use the official website on URL: https://www.etakenya.go.keto submit your application.
    • Applications submitted through third party websites will be automatically denied and may lead to fraud and loss on your part.


  • If your application has been denied, you will not be able to travel to Kenya. Please contact support@etakenya.go.ke to report your situation and obtain further details.
    • You are only allowed to travel after your application has been approved.]

Privacy of personal information

The Government of Kenya has taken all the necessary steps to protect your data in accordance with the relevant laws on data protection. Please refer to the Government’s Privacy Policy to get more information.