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Message from the Ambassador/PR

I am delighted to welcome you to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Rome, Italy with multiple accreditations to Albania, Cyprus, Greece and Malta. The Embassy also serves as Kenya’s Permanent Representative Mission to the Rome Based United Nations Agencies, that is, the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), International Fund […]


Kenya eTA is a semi-automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to Kenya. An eTA offers permission to travel and is authorized by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. An eTA does not determine whether a traveller is admissible to enter Kenya. Immigration officers will determine admissibility upon travellers’ arrival. The […]


The Embassy wishes to inform the Diaspora and members of public that it is the mandate of the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs to authenticate documents. Pursuant to the Presidential directive that all Government services be availed on the e-citizen portal, the Ministry identified authentication of documents as a crucial service to be digitized […]