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The international Organization for Migration (IOM), in partnership with the National Employment Authority (NEA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other
stakeholders have launched the ‘Kenya Labour Migration Website’ www.kenyamigrantworker.org .The website raises awareness about safe and fair migration among
prospective migrant workers to countries with which the Government of Kenya has signed Bilateral Labour Agreements i.e Saudia Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.



Tax Amnesty on income earned outside Kenya. Read more 
The Ministry  of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) developed a digital booklet on remittances and investments, which was launched on 29th June,2017.

The booklet: Send money & invest in Kenya: A guide for Diaspora Remittances & Investments  systematically identifies, explains and collates a cross section of affordable remmittance channels, as well as remittance savings, and investments opportunities in an informative and user-friendly manner.

View booklet 

Ms. Harriet M. Nduma Charge D’ Affaires a.i holding a meeting with the Kenyan Diaspora in Cyprus, June 2017.

Kenyan Diaspora in Cyprus listening keenly to the Charge D’ Affaires a.i’s remarks.

Ms. Harriet Nduma Charge D’ affaires a.i with children of the Kenyan Diaspora in Cyprus.

Ms. Harriet Nduma Charge D’ affaires a.i giving her opening remarks during the Diaspora meeting to discuss the draft constitution for Kenyan Diaspora in Italy Association in June 2017. The draft constitution was passed with amendments and interim officials for the Umbrella Association confirmed during the meeting.

The Diaspora following the discussions on the draft constitution for Kenya diaspora in Italy Association.

On 10th December, 2016, the Mission held the 53rd Jamhuri Day for the Kenyan Diaspora in Italy at the 704 Ristorante via Del Mare, Rome.


Ms. Harriet M. Nduma, Charge D’Affaires, a.i. with Mr. Fabian Muya, Agriculture Attaché patiently waiting for compatriots to take seats prior to the Diaspora 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations

Master of Ceremony – Ms. Hellen Were/Immigration Attaché, making introductory remarks at the function

Charge D’Affaires a.i. addressing a well attended function by the Diaspora to commemorate the 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations


Charge D’Affaires a.i. addressing Kenyans

A light moment with the Diaspora

Charge D’Affaires a.i. at the Diaspora 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations

The Charge’ D’Affaires a.i. with Immigration Attaché take questions during Q&A session.

Sampling the Kenyan cuisine by the Diaspora

Kenyans all smiles for the mouth-watering dishes


Guidelines for importation of duty free vehicles by Kenyan residents returning from countries that operate left hand drive vehicles.  (Click here to download)


The Government acknowledges the importance of Kenyan Diaspora in Nation building and has developed the Kenya Diaspora Policy to facilitate the Kenyans abroad to contribute positively to the growth of the Kenyan Economy. (Click to view Policy.)


Register and interact with the Diaspora web-portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya http://diasporaportal.eurocom.co.ke